At A Floor of Dogs we offer a range of behaviour services that address and correct a number of behavioural concerns. Each dog is handled on an individual, case-by-case basis, whereby we aim to discover the root cause of the dog’s behaviour. Corrective and preventative training courses are tailored to each dog, ensuring the best long-term outcome for both dog and owner.

Behaviour consultations

These are in-depth consultations aimed at diagnosing and addressing specific behavioural problems in dogs that owners might be experiencing. We aim to create a thorough understanding of why it is the dog is displaying these behaviours, going to the root cause before deciding on a course of corrective training.

Preventative Consultations

Dogs are extremely sensitive to change. Change can be upsetting, whether it be in the form of moving home, introducing a new pet or baby into the home or the loss of a family member or companion.
A Floor of Dogs can advise you on how best to handle change-situations in ensuring that the emotional wellbeing of your dog is protected.

Puppy Consultations

Raising a well adjusted, happy dog takes time and investment. In the long run, it is always worth it – both for the dog and for the owners. A Floor of Dogs will assist you in understanding the stages of your dog’s development and how you as the owner can better bond with your dog, avoiding difficult behaviour later down the line.

Pet-selection consultations

Are you considering a new, four-legged addition to your family? Allow us to guide you as to which dog will be best-suited to your needs, environment and lifestyle.