Boarding Ts and Cs


Every pet must have a current vaccination prior to checking-in. Pets that have not been vaccinated for more than 12 months must be vaccinated no less than ten (10) days before checking-in for boarding.

By Law
Vaccinations are as follows- Dogs Require: C5 Vaccination. This vaccination covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para influenza and Boardatella bronchiseptia. Note: Dogs that receive the new 3 yearly vaccination must still have a yearly canine cough vaccination.

Flea and Worm Treatments

All pets must have had recent flea and worm treatment not more than 1 month prior to check in. Any pets coming into A Floor of Dogs that are found to have fleas or worms will receive immediate treatment at the cost of the owner.

Safe Transfer

Your pet’s safety is important, therefore, ALL pets entering and exiting the premises must be on a leash or in a carrier until they are in the control of a handler. All carriers, leashes, collars and harnesses will be returned to owner upon check-in. Any pet that will be checked-in or checked-out by a person other than the owner is required to have a written authority signed by the owner.

Entire (Unsterilised) Dogs

If you Dog is either an Entire (un-neutered or un-spayed) male or female, they will not be played with other dogs. It is not a reflection on the dog himself/herself, as entire animals can be extremely social and well behaved. It is more so because the dynamics of the packs’ of dogs changes considerably and therefore makes it an unstable environment and can lead to fights. We have duty of care to all clients and will endeavour to do our best to assess all dogs to find them suitable playmates.


A Floor of Dogs provides 24 hour care to your pets, however the standard reception hours are between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm Monday to Sunday. Please note that we are closed for pick ups and drop offs on public holidays.


Bookings will be taken upon payment of a 50% non-refundable booking fee. The booking fee will be credited to your account if cancellations are made no later than 20 days prior to arrival in holiday season and 10 days prior in off-peak season. We have a 10-day minimum booking over the Christmas holiday season. There is a 7-day minimum booking over Easter and a two-day minimum over long weekends. We accept cash and EFT. If you require accommodation during school holidays it is advisable to book early. Please make us aware if someone other than yourself is picking-up your pet, as a matter of security pets will not be check-out to people who we are not expecting.


All rates are based on share accommodation. A Floor of Dogs has a buddy policy which we recommend for most dogs. We match dogs according to size, age and activity level, and then we monitor them to ensure there are no “personality clashes”. Some dogs must be boarded on their own due to size, temperament or breed characteristics. A single supplement may be charged on weekends and in peak seasons if single accommodation is required.

Health Care

The health and safety of your pet is important to us, therefore if your pet becomes sick or is injured during their stay, A Floor of Dogs will seek veterinary treatment. All veterinary accounts will be required to be paid by the pet’s owner as outlined in the boarding agreement.

Food and Medication

A Floor of Dogs provides food as part of our fee, however if your dog is on a special diet then please provide enough food for your dog for the duration of its stay and feeding instructions.

Bedding and Belongings

A Floor of Dogs suggest you drop off your pets bedding with your dog as sleeping in familiar bedding provides comfort for your dog while you are away. Should you not not drop off your own bedding – standard bedding will be provided for each dog.


A Floor of Dogs reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet who does not have proof of vaccination, displays signs of having a contagious condition, demonstrates aggressive behaviour. Our prices, policies and hours are not negotiable and are subject to change without notice.